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altruistic level of consciousness creations

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I created GIVING THROUGH JEWELRY with the idea of paying it forward, hence the name" Altruistic Level of Consciousness CREATIONS". With every piece I sell 10% goes back into the world to help in a small way, the world's daily experiences that need help.



GIVING THROUGH JEWELRY -Altruistic Level of Consciousness CREATIONS

When I create my jewelry, I think of them as if they were tattoos, yet changeable. To express one's feelings at the moment or period of time.
We all go through things in our lives that make us who we are.
My shop is open to all.
This shop is not about politics, religion, ethnicity, status or sexual identity.
My shop is about global unity. We are all Human = equal.
I believe we are all in this world together, learning compassion and believing in tolerance for all. My shop is a safe zone.

I like the idea of being able to change our thoughts or self expressions of who we are by what we wear, because it is through our daily experiences that we have in life that can have a profound affect on us.
Each one of my pieces tells of one's journey, path, issues, spirit, courage, in life that we all go through. I feel we are all warriors going through life, some of us more weathered, some less.

When I create a piece, I bring positive thoughts and peaceful intentions into the piece. Yes my pieces are a little higher in price than one you can get at discount store or made in a less than desirable conditions in a country with little human tolerance for the simple reason of it costs less. Each piece is made my myself. I use materials that cost more that allow energy into the piece. For this reason I love to work with sterling silver. It's a wonderful conductor. I realize that times are hard and I've been trying to incorporate more copper, brass and bronze into pieces to make them more affordable without lessening the energy. Each piece is made with a clear positive mind to pass forward.

I created GIVING THROUGH JEWELRY with the idea of paying it forward. With every piece I sell 10% goes back into the world to help in a small way.




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